26 June 2013

Random Person of the Day - Rebecca A. Bell

Today's random person married into my paternal Siems line.  Her name was Rebecca A. Bell and she was born 3 March 1880 in Canada.  Eventually making her way to the Saginaw, she married my great great uncle August Siems on 24 October 1931.  She then died on 4 December 1959 in Saginaw.  I believe she was August's first wife, though I'm not sure when he married his second wife Martha Voigt so I can't say for certain.  No information on any potential children.

Rebecca and August are buried together in the Pine Grove Cemetery in Bridgeport, MI, which is near Saginaw and the Siems family farm, which August inherited from his parents when they died in the late 1920s.

Note on photos:  I don't mind if you wish to save a copy of the photos on this blog, but as most of them are original scans of personal family photos I would appreciate if you credited the source.

Rebecca and August Siems Headstone

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