24 May 2013

Updates Made

I finally finished my updates to the Ancestry tree!  Bleh!  I really need to remember to update my Ancestry tree as I'm updating my own database.  Because, of course, Ancestry can't just make life easy and implement a gedcom merge capability.

I also made a couple updates to my public tree, which is a non-sourced, direct line ancestor tree I keep for DNA matching and other collaboration purposes.  If you'd like to view my public tree, it's available here.  You need an ancestry login to view it.  I'm not sure if it's viewable with a guest login or if you need a paid account, though.

Next steps for me will not be focused on new research, but rather going through some records I've been sitting on as well as the Ancestry hints I've accumulated from updating my tree, as well as double-checking the new Michigan death records I've been working with.  So it's more of a "beefing up" phase than any new research.  After that, I'd like to fill out my Higley colonial line more, as that is a well-researched line that I just need to sit down and confirm sources for.

Although not as glamorous as going back further in time, I'm looking forward to this next phase of work.  Researching siblings is very important for (a) fully documenting my family history and (b) additional clues for a family unit that may not be available when searching solely my ancestral lines.

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