26 May 2013

Random Person of the Day - Bessie E. Smith

Bessie E. Smith was the daughter of my great great grandfather Watson, making her my great great aunt.  I've heard her name quite a bit, but I don't really have that much information about her.  She was born about 1885 in Michigan, likely in the Cadillac area.  Her parents were Watson Marshall Smith, a pioneer of the northern Michigan area originally from Indiana, and Frances Maybelle Meeker, a Michigan native who was descended from colonial settlers.  She took care of her father, Watson, in his older years.  It appears she was married at least three times.  She first married an Anthrup, as this was her name when she married Emil Schmuck in 1919 in Cadillac and they had a daughter, Betty.  She married Dan Nixon after and was living with him in the 1930 census.

Note on photos:  I don't mind if you wish to save a copy of the photos on this blog, but as most of them are original scans of personal family photos I would appreciate if you credited the source.

Bessie with her father Watson

Courtesy of Margaret Lyster.

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