22 November 2012

Still chugging along

So I started up this blog, then promptly left it. Oops. I'll try to be better about updating.

Most of my work recently has concentrated on continuing to work on my family history website and tracking down DNA cousin matches. I have a recent promising lead with a 4th cousin match. The only shared surname I could find is Griffis. Elizabeth Griffis is the supposed mother of my mysterious 2x great grandfather Ezra Acker. He left my 2x great grandma Clara for another woman in the 1910s, and the family really doesn't know any more than that. He has been difficult to track, but is supposed to have been born in Tuscola County. This potential cousin has a Griffis from neighboring Sanilac County. I plan to put together a summary of my Acker branch for him to use to compare with what he knows about his Griffis. Perhaps I will add it here too. I hope working together we'll make some headway.

The website is coming along. I'm currently working on the most boring/tedious part, which is formatting the individual person pages. I'm wading through the Smiths at the moment, who are plentiful. But I'm getting there, maybe 3/4 of the way through? After that, I may be more motivated as I'll be able to do fun things like add photographs and maps.

I also have a few random leads in my Ancestry shoebox that I'll need to sort through at some point.

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