06 July 2012

The 5 Generation Photo

I'm going to kick off this new genealogy blog with a description of one of my favorite family photos.  This photograph shows, from left to right (oldest to youngest), five generations of the Tuckey/Tomlinson/Siems family.  They are Charles Tuckey, father-in-law of William Tomlinson, father of Laurence Tomlinson, father of Gretta Siems nee Tomlinson, mother of William Siems.

The infant in the picture is my grandpa, and I grew up hearing these names my whole life.  This picture basically sums up why I got interested in genealogy in the first place.  The Siems/Tomlinson side is close-knit family and growing up visiting distant cousins and hearing my grandpa's old stories, in the end, has led me to my genealogy obsession today.

Note on photos:  I don't mind if you wish to save a copy of the photos on this blog, but as most of them are original scans of personal family photos I would appreciate if you credited the source.

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